Wall Coatings

Although our web site provides information regarding Microcement we are not limited to this product,Over the years we have developed skills involving the application of:

Ottocento: Provides a velvet finish to walls with varying effects depending on the angle of light, a truly elegant finish, with eighty colours in the range there is something for everyone

Stucco: A classic polished finish, produces decorative plaster work with a high marble like shine, providing depth and individuality to any wall surface, with twenty colours in the range there is a finish for any feature wall.

Marmarino: A rich lime based plaster with marble aggregate enabling a super fine finish, available in twenty colours to suit any pallette.

Iron Oxide: Relatively new to the market but produces a fantastic rust metal finish, ideal for a feature area such as a bar front, chimney breast, a truly individual finish.

 Stone and concrete: We have a range of contemporary products are provided here, from granite to smooth concrete all are applied in one or two coats to provide a superb authentic finish for any project requiring an urban finish.