What it's made of:

  • Type: Bi-component polymeric - cement coating system.
  • Component A: Liquid
  • Component B: Powder.
  • Density: 2,0 kg/dm3
  • PH: 12.
  • Not flammable
  • Adhesion to concrete: A 28 d: > 15 kg/cm2.
  • Performance: 1,8 kg / m2 per mm of thickness.
  • Strength: Compression 30n: > 300 kg/cm2.
  • Drying period: 3-4 hours under standard conditions of 15 ° and HR<70%


There has not been a product available on the market with so many beneficial characteristics as Microcement / Microscreed Here we list the features that make Microcement / Microscreed such a unique product:

  • Can be placed on almost any surface.
  • It is very resistant to weight, friction, shock, abrasion, high temperatures, Water, moisture and to ultraviolet.
  • Microcement / Microscreed itself does not crack.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Used to restore damaged and uneven surfaces, whether, concrete, wood, tile, etc..
  • There are a variety of colours and shades to choose from.
  • It can be applied in both small and large venues in domestic and commercial locations. either internally or externally.
  • Reduces costs and labour.
  • It is very easy to maintain and clean.
  • Minimal thickness of just 3 - 4 mm.


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