There are many terms used for this coating system, such as:

  1. Microcement
  2. Microtopping
  3. Microscreed
  4. Concrete Overlay
  5. Polished concrete
​​​​​​On this web site we refer to our system as Microcement or Microscreed.

When polishing of concrete is not possible a superb alternative is Microcement / Microscreed. We achieve the decorative concrete floor finish by trowel applying a unique contemporary coating system. The final finish is very similar to polished concrete. Microcement/ Microscreed also produces the polished concrete effect on walls and worktops. Colours and application is controllable leaving a durable aesthetically pleasing finish.
We work on new build and refurbishment projects throughout the UK.

What is a Microcement / Microscreed topping ?

A poured and trowel applied highly decorative seamless concrete coating system utilising a wide range of colours. replicating polished concrete typically at a depth of
3-4 mm

Using a blend of high performance hydraulic micro mortars, fine marble sands and synthetic resins to achieve the fine balance between hardness and flexibility. This system produces a complete resurfacing system without the need to break up existing sub floors.

We have worked hard to develop our reputation over the years we have been in business.

Microcement / Microscreed can be used internally and externally.

For that contemporary look there is probably no other system that comes close.

View the about us page for an explanation of our application system.

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We are based in Ilkeston, Derbyshire with easy access to the motorway network and are more than willing to travel throughout the UK to carry out projects.

During the 20 plus years involved in the flooring industry we have also trained and qualified for many other floor maintenance and refurbishment skills, these include:
Sanding & sealing of timber floors.
Refurbishment of vinyl/linoleum.
Floor tile refurbishment.
​We have the skills and knowledge within the trade to refurbish most floor types. If you have any queries regarding your needs please do not hesitate to contact us.

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